Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Autism: Not Tonite

I wonder just for once if I could blog about something other than autism.  I do, sometimes, get tired of talking about it.  

It's been a rotten winter here.  Not a lot of snow, but every time you turn around it is snowing.  Just enough to be a bother.  Just enough to cause a school delay or school closing.  Lack of school and lack of structure is a nightmare for our kids with autism.   OOPS. 

I suppose I should be thankful that it is February and my son has just caught his first very bad chest cold of the season.  We've been off school since last Thursday and finally decided a visit to the Dr. would be in order, mainly to check the lungs as his cough sounds worse than an old man in a bus station. 

 I always prepare a written autism prep page for the staff and for the new Dr we were seeing this visit.  Because of my son's autism.  OOOPS.   I write a small sign "please don't say the word feel" it is a meltdown trigger.  The nurses are very kind and understanding.  

The new Dr. we saw this visit was not a good match.  Enters the exam room saying "Hi, Hi, HI, HI'. 

Well, you don't repeat words numerous times in my son's book of rules so that did not start us off well.  When he went to look in my son's ears, i was seated next to him and even to me, HE WAS LOUD.


Im old  but not senile yet.  Didn't I tell you when you entered the room that he is very sound sensitive??  Maybe that's too complex an idea for you, a doctor, to grasp.  My son started to cover his ears and rightfully so.  YOU HAVE TO HOLD HIS HANDS , he demands.   Okey Dokey Doc.  Just super bedside manner.  

I'm only allowed to spend ten minutes per patient the doctor tells us.  So, I'm basing this diagnosis on what I see right now.  If it gets worse come back.  OH THANKS I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW. 

Autism or not, I don't think you are a great pediatrician.  Autism or not OOPS. 

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