Friday, June 12, 2015

Random Acts of Coffee

Autism: Random Acts of Coffee
By Pam Mari

My son has autism and a self restricted diet. I'm at McDonalds every day. We have one local McD's that he refers to by location "top of the hill McD's ".  The other day I went on my usual french fry run. One of the regular staff was on break and standing outside. We started talking. She asked about my son.  

I explained a little about kids on the spectrum and how many times due to sensory issues they only eat a few food items. I told her how my son used to like to feed the seagulls that invade the parking lot each summer. 

"I cry every stinking day" I told her,"because now he cannot see the seagulls. He can't see anything." I explained to her what we have been through in the past three years in regard to my son's vision problems.  She listened and then announced that she had to go back to work.  "I hope things get better for you" she commented. 

I decided to take the drive thru method since it was raining and as I approached the pick up window the girl said to me "do you want a cup carrier?".  "No," I replied "I only have one drink, the large Hi C". 
She held in her hand a coffee cup.  "Isn't this yours?" she asked.

"No not today", I replied.  "Oh well our manager said you usually get a vanilla latte so she made it by mistake so here, it's on us", she announced.

"Oh thank you" I said.  " Well she's right here, if you want to thank her" she noted.  She moved aside and it was the young lady that I had been talking to outside the McD's earlier.  

It made my day.  A Random Act of Coffee-A Random Act of Kindness. 

I told everyone I met that day how thoughtful it was of her to take notice of my sadness and make a small effort to brighten my day.  

You might say to yourself "I wouldn't know where to start" to do this for someone.  Any small gesture will do.  Take a shopping cart back to the store for someone.  Bring their trash cans back from the curb after pick up day.  Put a cupcake on a co-worker's desk.  Making cookies?  Take some to school for the office ladies.  

Know a Mom of a special needs child?  She may appear to have it all together as he plays chauffer, doctor,therapist and teacher to her child but trust me, there's nothing nicer than a little surprise from someone to keep you going.  

Random Acts of Kindness.  Random Acts of Coffee

Spread that stuff around-a latte!

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